Graphical Tools With Practical Examples In Minitab, Excel, and SigmaXL

The use of Graphical Tools is the 1st step in understanding the pattern in data. This course will help you to unlock the power of data to interpret results and initiate actions.

This is the easiest and most detailed course to learn important graphical tools in Six Sigma with practical examples in Minitab, Excel, and SigmaXL.

It consists of the following graphical tools, but not limited to:

  1. Pareto Chart - Simple, Weighted, and By Variable
  2. Graphical Summary of Data
  3. Scatter Plot and Matrix Plot
  4. Histogram and all its types
  5. Stem-And-Leaf Plot
  6. Boxplot and Individual Value Plot
  7. Run Chart
  8. Probability Distribution Plot
  9. Normal Probability Plot
  10. Multi-Vari Chart

It also includes the following to make your learning more Effective and Easy:

  • Supporting Data To Practice Graphical Tools
  • Recordings for Training on Graphical Analysis with practical examples.

I am sure you will be like this course.


I am a Lean Six Sigma Coach with more than 12+ years of experience worked in Indian, French, and US MNCs in India, China, Hungary, the Netherlands and USA.

I had also worked as Six Sigma Manager to improve processes of suppliers across India. In my tenure, I had executed and mentored more than 150+ Lean Six Sigma Projects

I am also Founder & CEO of a community Successful Career Hub (initiative by LEARN & APPLY).

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Pricing Plan:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is the duration of this course?

The course duration is 7+ Hrs. in length. Understanding and execution of it can take up to 7 Days.

  • How long is the validity of this course?

The validity of this is a lifetime. You only need to do a one-time payment to access this course.

  • Can I get hand-holding in during my learning of this course?

Yes, absolutely. You can ask your questions or convey your comments through the comment section under the course videos. You can also email me directly. And you can also schedule a LIVE Discussion and Mentoring Call with me as per your need.

  • What if I don't like the content of this course?

Please don't worry. Due to any reason, if you don't like my content you are covered with a 30-Days Money back guarantee.