This course consists of:

1) The complete training on Capability Analysis with practical examples including-

  • Clarity of all concepts in Capability Analysis
  • Normal Capability Analysis
  • Nonnormal Capability Analysis
  • Capability Analysis for Continuous Data
  • Capability Analysis for Attribute Data
  • Capability Analysis Sixpack

2) The complete training for Control Charts with practical examples including-

  • Clarity on all concepts in Control Charts
  • Selection of Control charts and Nelson Rules
  • I-MR Chart
  • Xbar-R Chart
  • Xbar-s Chart
  • P Chart
  • U Chart

3) Lifetime handholding support through-

  • Community Support
  • Mentoring Calls as and when needed

4) Certification of Completion

5) Lifetime FREE Upgrades


I am a Lean Six Sigma Coach with more than 13+ years of experience working in Indian, French, and US MNCs in India, China, Hungary, the Netherlands, and the USA.

I also worked as a Six Sigma Manager to improve the processes of suppliers across India. In my tenure, I had executed and mentored more than 150+ Lean Six Sigma Projects

I am also the Founder & CEO of a community Successful Career Hub (an initiative by LEARN & APPLY).

I am on the mission to help 100,000 professionals to achieve their career growth by enhancing their potential with a systematic approach of Lean Six Sigma and its integration with Mindset and System. That's why I have created these effective, practical, and affordable training content.

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Pricing Plan:

World-Class Training Content

This training content will be online with lifetime access & FREE upgrades

Lifetime Handholding

Lifetime Handholding and Community Support along with Mentoring Calls

Certificate Of Completion

Accredited Certification of Completion after successful course completion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is the duration of this course?

The course content is for 5 Hrs. Depending on the pace of learning it can take 2-3 days.

  • How long is the validity of this course?

The validity of this is for a lifetime.

  • Can I get hand-holding in during my learning of this course?

Yes, absolutely. You can schedule a LIVE discussion and Mentoring call with me as per your need. You can ask your questions or convey your comments through the comment section under the course videos as well.

  • What if I don't like the content of this course?

Please don't worry. Due to any reason, if you don't like my content you are covered with a 30-Days Money back guarantee.

  • Do I get Data Files to practice my learnings?

Yes, of course. You will get the data files for all tools and techniques that you would learn in this course for your practice.